Smoky Lake Signal – June 2, 2017

Waskatenau school celebrates first graduating class in more than 50 years

MLA Piquette brought greetings from the Government of Alberta, and expressed how honoured he felt to be there celebrating the momentous graduation of these students.

“Usually when a small community loses its school, they don’t get it back,” he said, adding it is a testament to Waskatenau that they were able to resurrect what was once lost.

Piquette went on to say that he hopes to see many future graduations in the school as well. Piquette also made a point of recognizing the land of Treaty 6 and the Metis Nation.

He took the time to ask each student of their plans after high school, and said that throughout his years there were many times when he felt unprepared for a task or opportunity only to find out that his upbringing on a farm actually gave him unique advantages. One employer found out he was a farmer and hired him because he said he must be a hard worker.

“I think you’re well prepared,” he said of the journey that lay before the students.

He reminded them that access to quality education does come at a price, and encouraged them to give repay the investment put into them by serving their communities and society well. “I know the future of Alberta is in the best of hands,” Piquette said. “On behalf of the Government of Alberta, congratulations.”




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