Great Attendance for Telephone Townhall – return calls in progress!

On the evening of Feb 14th I was happy to participate in a Telephone Town Hall meeting arranged by our caucus services for the constituents of Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater.

I have to admit to being a bit anxious about attendance considering it being Valentine’s Day and all, but I needn’t have worried. I just received the data and it turns out 1,478 people were on the call in total- not a shabby turnout!

There were a lot of great questions and comments but unfortunately with so many people we weren’t able to deal with all of them. In fact we were able to get through 19 of them during the hour we were alloted for the call. That left 34 questions unaired. We also received dozens of voice messages at the end of the townhall.

Rest assured that I will be personally replying to every message that was left and we will be addressing every question that wasn’t able to go live. However, it might take a little while so please be patient!

Due to the success of this format and all the positive comments I’ve received on it I am looking to do more of these types of events in the future, although perhaps not on the same scale. Instead I am looking at ways to make them more focused on particular communities or particular high concern issues such as infrastructure and rural crime.

Thanks again to all who participated and helped make this townhall a success!

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