Visit to St. Elias Russo Orthodox Church Pakan – March 10, 2018

On March 10th I had the pleasure of presenting a Community Facility Enhancement grant for $21, 552 to the St. Elias Orthodox Church Society in Pakan. I was touched when the congregation sung “Many Years”, a traditional Ukrainian celebratory song for me. I could not have felt more welcome. Afterwards, I was honoured to attend the 40 day Memorial Dinner for John Edward Chinery.  Mr. Chinery had in fact worked on the CFEP grant application with his wife Sylvia so it was wonderful to be able to present it on his memorial day. Thank you to the Chinery family,  Archimandrite Gerasim, and to the St Elias Orthodox Church Society for your hospitality and kindness. Thanks also to Ron Rosychuk for the great photos.  Mnohaya lita! 


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