Sec. Highway 855 Update

Last Friday I was able to tour 855 and nearby impacted county roads with Athabasca County Councillor Travais Johnson and Deputy Reeve Warren Griffin. I have brought this issue up with Alberta Transportation and would like to provide concerned constituents with an update.

First off, the rumours that Transportation is contemplating any permanent closures on 855 are not true. Highway 855 is temporarily closed just south of Township Road 672A, south of Atmore, for about 700 metres. The area is very wet due to quick snow melt, which made the road impassable.

Transportation is monitoring it with the intent to reopen it to traffic as soon as possible, however they do not have a timeline at the moment. The Inspector was there yesterday and water is still seeping out through to the surface of the roadway. It needs more time to dry out. Attempts to blade the road have made the situation worse.

Thanks to the residents and Councillor Johnson for bringing this to my attention. Hopefully we will get this road open again very soon!

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  1. Any hope the may pave this stretch of road to make it less likely that this will happen again?
    Both ways out from my home are murder on my car

    1. Hi Tiffany. Sorry I missed your question earlier! I’ve been pushing for doing just that but meeting a lot of resistance due to just how expensive it would be considering how bad or nonexistent the road base is. However the worst part is to be rebuilt entirely if they haven’t already started. I’ll keep working on it…

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