Guru Gobind Singh Ji: Statement from Premier Notley

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“Today Sikhs here in Alberta, across Canada and around the world mark the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

“As the last human Guru of Sikh faith, Guru Gobind Singh Ji established and initiated the Sikh order, known as the Khalsa. This new order provided the followers of the Sikh faith a political and religious vision for the future.

“Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a spiritual master, warrior, gifted poet and philosopher. He advocated and fought for equality, social justice and harmony for all people.

“His teachings remain alive and well today among members of Alberta’s large Sikh community, and his values are shared by all of us in this province.

“I would like to wish Albertans of the Sikh faith a very joyous day of celebration on the anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s birth.”

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