“It’s good that the crime rate has dropped in Calling Lake,” Piquette said. “But there is definitely work to do on this issue within the rest of the county.”

He said the one positive part is that there are lots of people coming together in order to tackle this issue.

“They are looking for a constructive approach to the problem, and I am happy to work with them to see if I can help,” he said.



Thirty-one concerned citizens attended meeting at Athabasca Lions Den Jan. 8


The rising crime rate was the topic of town Jan. 8, with Town of Athabasca councillors discussing the issue at their council meeting and 31 people packing the Athabasca Seniors’ Centre Lions Den for an Athabasca Citizens On Patrol (COP) meeting later that evening.

Members of COPs made a presentation to town council to talk about their concerns about rising crime rates.

At that meeting, COPs vice-president Gordon MacComb told councillors that the rate of crime, thefts, graffiti and drugs has reached epic proportions.

“People cannot leave their house or property without locking up everything of value because of the thefts of anything that can be sold for quick money to buy whatever,” MacComb said. “There are drug deals going on day and night.”

He added customers are getting uneasy shopping downtown due to methamphetamine users wandering around high.

“Many businesses are locking their doors in the afternoon due to shady looking people walking around town,” MacComb said.

He said COPs is looking to have cameras installed within the community.

“If allowed, they would only be accessed by the RCMP,” he continued. “It would be an extra set of eyes for them for surveillance only. The RCMP are spread out too thin to be everywhere and spend more time swamped in paperwork.”

MacComb also said he wondered if the Town of Athabasca peace officer is able to do more patrolling downtown, as well as at the Grand Union Hotel, Riverfront Park and at the alleged drug houses.

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