Lunar New Year: Statement from Premier Notley

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“As Albertans of many diverse backgrounds celebrate the Lunar New Year, I wish you prosperity and health.

“The Lunar New Year is a time of generosity, gift-giving and renewal. Families and friends gather for sumptuous meals, community celebrations and fireworks displays.

“All across the province, Albertans are building on traditions that have deep roots in China and Korea, the Philippines and Malaysia. By sharing and creating these cultural connections, they are helping to build a more welcoming, caring and diverse society.

“As the new year dawns, we look forward to a new beginning and think of those who brought us here. We welcome the Year of the Pig and will continue to work to build an even better future.

“Every day, we are fighting to create jobs, protect our schools and hospitals, and ensure the economic recovery reaches every kitchen table in the province.

“On behalf of my family, may you and yours have good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.”

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