Calgary company guilty of improper waste disposal

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The company, also known as Moore’s Industrial Services, was penalized $30,000 for improper disposal of waste in relation to an investigation into incidents that occurred between June 11 and June 13, 2016. Five other charges under the act against the company were withdrawn.

Most of the penalty is directed towards a creative sentencing order. To this end, the Nose Creek Watershed Partnership and the Bow River Basin Council will receive $25,000 to update and refine the wetland inventory for the Nose Creek Watershed. The sentence also included a directive to publish details of the offence and how this event led the responsible party to develop a water cut-off device that could prevent similar future incidents from occurring.

Alberta Environment and Parks focuses on education, prevention and enforcement to ensure all Albertans enjoy a clean and healthy environment. The ministry enforces environmental regulations when individuals or companies fail to comply with legislation.

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Group exploring measures to ban conversion therapy

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The working group will be co-chaired by MLA Nicole Goehring and advocate Glynnis Lieb. It will include academics, representatives from health and legal professions, community advocates, faith leaders, members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, subject matter experts and those with lived experience of conversion therapy.

Conversion therapy can be defined as any treatment, counselling or behaviour modification that aims to change or modify someone’s sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.

“Conversion therapy is a damaging, hateful practice that has no place in our province. Albertans deserve to trust that any measures to end this practice are as strong as possible, will withstand legal challenges and have the support of those who need them most. I thank the members of the group for fighting for vulnerable Albertans, and look forward to receiving their recommendations and taking action to ban conversion therapy in Alberta.”

Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health

“I’ve heard from Albertans and community leaders that any ban on conversion therapy must be community-driven and can’t let anyone fall through the cracks. I’m honoured to help lead this life-saving work and look forward to working with my fellow members to bring forward strong recommendations to protect Albertans and end this practice.”

Nicole Goehring, MLA for Edmonton-Castle Downs, co-chair of Conversion Therapy Working Group

“No one deserves to be discriminated against or subject to harmful practices based on their innate sexual orientation. Conversion therapy is wrong and I’m pleased to see our government taking action to eliminate this practice in Alberta. It’s an honour to be a part of this life-saving work.”

Glynnis Lieb, executive director of the Institute of Sexual Minority Studies and Services at University of Alberta, co-chair of Conversion Therapy Working Group

The group will meet regularly for five months and will have opportunities to engage with stakeholders and those with lived experience as part of this work. The group members will be supported by an Alberta Health staff secretariat as they prepare their final written report.

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Oversize load to travel on highways 14, 834 & 15

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The 728-tonne, 48-metre-long piece of petrochemical equipment, called a polypropylene reactor, will be moved from Edmonton to the Industrial Heartland over four days, Feb. 10-13.

At 12 metres tall and 10 metres wide, the reactor is roughly twice the height of an adult giraffe. It is used to convert propylene into a powdered substance used to fabricate diverse products such as medical equipment, athletic apparel and food storage containers.


  • Exit Cessco yard at 100 Street and 75 Avenue and travel east
  • South on 99 Street to 63 Avenue; east on 63 Avenue to 91 Street
  • South on 91 Street to 51 Avenue; east on 51 Avenue to Roper Road
  • East to 75 Street; south on 75 Street to 51 Avenue
  • East on 51 Avenue to 50 Street at Whitemud Drive westbound off ramp
  • Whitemud Drive east to Anthony Henday southbound.
  • Highway 14 eastbound and stage at highways 14 & 21
  • Highway 14 east to Range Road 190
  • North on Range Road 190 to Township Road 510
  • East on Township Road 510 to Highway 834
  • North on Highway 834 to Highway 15; Highway 15 west to Lamont
  • Continue west on Highway 15 to Range Road 220
  • Range Road 220 north to site
Start Time
End Time

Feb 10

9 p.m.


5 a.m.

Hwy 14 & 21

Feb 12

8:30 a.m.

Hwy 14 & 21

5 p.m.


Feb 13

8:30 a.m.


1 p.m.


Additional information

  • At its largest configuration, including all vehicles, the load is approximately 1,384 tonnes and 118 metres long by 10 metres wide by 12 metres high (includes all vehicles in length and height).
  • The load will use the entire width of a two-lane highway, including the shoulder.
  • The load will be moving below the posted speed limit and may pull over periodically. Drivers travelling behind the load will experience delays.
  • In some places, the load will be travelling against the flow of traffic, escorted by guide vehicles for traffic control and safety. Lanes will be blocked off accordingly.
  • Drivers are reminded to watch for guide vehicles and flag people.

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Supporting Fort Saskatchewan affordable housing

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Minister Sigurdson, MLA Jessica Littlewood and Mayor Katchur join Heartland Housing Foundation to announce a new affordable housing project in Fort Saskatchewan.

The province is investing $6 million toward an affordable housing project in Fort Saskatchewan. The new development is expected to provide around 83 one- and two-bedroom units for families and seniors with low income.

“Our government is helping ensure Fort Saskatchewan residents do not have to leave the community they love to find housing they can afford. When this project is complete, people living in the community will have more options for a safe and affordable place to call home.”

Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing

The four-storey apartment building will be built on land donated by the City of Fort Saskatchewan, located adjacent to the new Dr. Turner Lodge. It will ensure people living on low income, in or near Fort Saskatchewan, can stay in their community.

“On behalf of the City of Fort Saskatchewan, I thank the Government of Alberta for their investment in our community and support of affordable housing for our residents.”

Gale Katchur, mayor, City of Fort Saskatchewan

Currently in the design stage, the project will aim for energy efficiency and feature some accessible units and modern fire-suppression and safety systems.

“There is a long-standing need for affordable housing within this sub-region, and especially in the community of Fort Saskatchewan. This funding from the Alberta government, as well as the generous gift of land from the City of Fort Saskatchewan, are important first steps toward meeting that need. I am excited to see what we will be able to accomplish as we work together to serve this community.”

Nancy Simmonds, executive director, Heartland Housing Foundation

The Alberta government’s $6-million contribution is part of the $1.2-billion commitment in the Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy to develop a sustainable, affordable housing system and build and restore 4,100 affordable housing units.

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Open Farm Days grows ag-tourism

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Becoming an Open Farm Days host is a great way for farmers, ranchers and ag-tourism operators to meet new customers and grow their businesses.

Applications are open for farms and ranches to host visitors during this year’s Open Farm Days, Aug. 17-18, 2019. Last year, a record number of participating farms, ranches and visitors set a new high for on-farm sales.

“We hope even more farms and ranches get involved in this year’s Open Farm Days. The event helps farmers meet new customers, share their story and grow their businesses. It’s also a fun and educational way for Albertans and visitors to take in Alberta’s ag-tourism experiences and learn more about where their food comes from.”

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism

Now entering its seventh year, Alberta Open Farm Days features open houses, culinary events and tours. Farm sales in 2018 reached almost $190,000 over the two days, up 30 per cent from the year before.

“Open Farm Days provides a unique opportunity to highlight agriculture’s importance and vitality as a core sector in the province. Alberta has some of the best food producers and processors in the world. I am proud that we are strengthening our support for the local food sector which continues to grow. It’s important for Albertans to connect with the hard-working farmers who are feeding their families and communities.”

Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Participating hosts can access product development supports such as business coaching, industry learning opportunities and regional networks. The deadline for host applications is May 31.

Open Farm Days 2018 – By the numbers

% Growth

Farm participation



+16 per cent




+17 per cent




+30 per cent

The overall year-over-year growth of Open Farm Days highlights ag-tourism’s continued potential to diversify the economy and create jobs. The weekend’s selection of experiences also helps showcase the growing number of opportunities available to rural and culinary tourism entrepreneurs.

“We are very excited about the 2019 Alberta Open Farm Days. Farmers and ag-tourism operators tell the story of agriculture in our province, produce some of the world’s best food and create unique Alberta ag-tourism experiences. Becoming a host is a great way to grow your business.”

Tim Carson, CEO, Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies

“Alberta Open Farms Days was an awesome experience and a major boost for our farm. By offering fun and interactive education about bees and beekeeping, we promoted our business and products to more than 800 people. The event is a great way to share your passion for agriculture and ag-tourism.”

Richard Ozero, president, Good Morning Honey

Open Farm Days is a collaborative project presented by the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies, Travel Alberta and participating farms, ranches, hosts and agricultural societies.

Quick facts

  • The vast majority of Albertans (87 per cent) have participated in some form of farm-to-fork tourism over the past 12 months.*
  • The most commonly attended activities are dining at a restaurant serving Alberta ingredients (71 per cent), attending a farmer’s market (56 per cent) and farm retail purchasing (40 per cent).*

(*2018 Survey of Albertans, Alberta Culture and Tourism)

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