Smoky Lake Signal – Métis Crossing breaks ground for the Cultural Gathering Centre – May 22, 2018

Smoky Lake honoured to be included in Métis Crossing groundbreaking ceremonies

“Piquette thanked Elder Crerar for the beautiful blessing to open the ceremony and, speaking from the heart, pointed out that we had all gathered on this land, under this tent for a reason. 

We were not there because we answered an incite or to report on the event.  

We were there because, ‘This is where the Métis culture began, and it contintues to be an improtant place of traditional culture and commerce.’

Piquette continued by saying Métis Crossing is an important time and place in Albertan and Canadian history, and will be now always be a gathering place to education, celebrate, and continue making history.”


Good news for Metis Crossing!

On May 14th I was honoured to represent Indigenous Affairs Minister Richard Feehan at the ground-breaking ceremony for the new 10,0000 square foot Cultural Gathering Centre planned for the site.

The new centre will be a boon not only to the Metis Nation but to the Smoky Lake region. As the only Metis interpretive site in Alberta, it is a boon to the whole province as well.

I am happy that the government of Alberta is contributing to this project and look forward to seeing the new facility in action!

(Photos courtesy of Dan Kotylak)