Message to municipal candidates

Congratulations to all the winning candidates in yesterday’s municipal election , especially to those whose communities I have the privilege to represent provincially. I’ll be reaching out to all of you in the days ahead. I look forward to welcoming back many familiar faces and getting the opportunity to know some new ones.

For the incumbents who didn’t make it please know that your hard work is appreciated and your public service respected. You have had an opportunity to serve that few do, and I hope you look back with pride on your involvement. I am sure most of you will continue to serve your communities well in other capacities.

For those new candidates who didn’t succeed, I hope you enjoyed your experiences and are motivated to remain a part of the political process as well. You have put yourself out on the line in a way that few dare to and you can be proud of that. Perhaps you might even want to run again – four years really isn’t all that long (take it from me!)

As your MLA I look forward to working together to help solve the issues facing your communities in a climate of mutual respect and goodwill. Our electors expect and deserve no less. Here’s to a wonderful new term!


Colin Piquette

MLA for Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater

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